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About Ergonomic Workstation Products

Hello and welcome.  At Ergonomic Workstation Products (EWP), our goal is to provide the ideal ergonomic solution for your office work space.  We are engaged by specialists in the field of Work, Health & Safety to provide products and services which will minimise and eliminate the risk of musculoskeletal injury.  All our products are suited to the commercial sector, small or home office environment, and are delivered Australia Wide.
EWP is a 100% owned Australian Indigenous Supply Nation Certified Business.

Our products and services include

Chairs & 7-Day Trials

Sit-to-Stand Workstations

Desktop Aids

Installations & Repairs

Chair Health Checks

Product Expos


The common element in all our products is quality, and the common element in our business is service.  Our products ensure you and your staff are able to work at full capacity comfortably.  Our service helps to minimise and eliminate risks likely to cause detrimental health issues. 

We are Office Work Health & Safety Solution Providers for OH&S Advisors, Occupational Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists, Ergonomists and Office Managers who are looking for an ergonomic solution for their staff and clientelle.  Ergonomic Workstation Products provide equipment, installations, and custom alterations that will minimise risk environments, particularly for individuals identified early as having a high risk of musculoskeletal injury.  

We are committed to supplying the latest ergonomic office products as recommended by Work, Health & Safety Advisors.  Our products are expected to fully function for the duration of their lifetime.  We will provide support for the lifetime of our products, and provide repairs (where possible) and troubleshooting support past warranty periods.  To further support you in being fitted with the correct ergonomic Task Chair, we provide a select range of 7-Day Trials.  We also provide installations on a select range of our products.  Our range of ergonomic products will compliment any office environment.  We are happy to discuss any issues and provide an ergonomic solution to your office requirements.  

Please use our contact form to send us an email, or alternatively call us on 0403 693 780.

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