Ergo Bubble Mat

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Anti-Fatigue Mat designed to improve circulation in legs and feet while standing for prolonged periods of time. Free Delivery Australia Wide.

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Ergo Bubble MatThe Ergo Bubble Mat is an Anti-Fatigue Mat used to stand on while working at your computer or when standing in a position for prolonged periods of time.

It's soft formula provides relief from constant standing.  The domed surface has been ergonomically designed to improve circulation in legs and feet.  

The Ergo Bubble Mat can be used on any floor surface.


Ergo Tips - Footrest 

1. A footrest combined with a suitably adjustable chair, will provide the two adjustable surfaces required to create an ergonomically acceptable workstation.

2. An ergonomic footrest will promote good blood circulation, minimize joint and ligament damage and alleviate back strain.

3. It is important that a footrest be easy to operate to enable the operator to make required adjustments from day to day in a matter of seconds whilst seated.

More Information

Ergo Bubble MatFeatures:                                                  

  • Soft Formula
  • Domed Surface
  • Bevelled Edges for Safety


  • Width: 609mm
  • Depth: 914mm
  • Height: 12mm

Colour: Black