Ergoapt Dual Combo

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A separate compact Keyboard and Numeric Pad which enables users to configure the placement of the Numeric Pad to their preference.Wired or Bluetooth connectivity. Free Delivery Australia Wide.

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The Ergoapt Dual Combo is a separate compact Keyboard and full Keypad combo with dual connection methods.  Combining a low profile and flexible positioning, the Ergoapt Dual Combo delivers an ergonomic keyboard experience.

One Product, Dual Connection Modes

The Ergoapt Dual Combo has dual connection modes.  The Keyboard and Keypad can be used as either a Wired device or Wireless Bluetooth device.  The separate Keyboard and Keypad can be positioned to suit individual requirements and preferences.

When used as a wired device, the Keyboard and Keypad connect to the computer via cables.  When used wirelessly, connection to the computer is made via Bluetooth.

A Perfect Match

Both the Keyboard and Keypad share the same low profile, aluminium case and concave keys.

Sturdy and Sleek

The case of the Ergoapt Combo Keyboard and Keypad are made of aluminium.  This construction provides a solid feel, additional weight and removes case flex.

Concave Keys

Concave, low profile keys deliver a short travel time, quiet operation and comfortable typing experience.  They keys require a low activation force and deliver a crisp, tactile feel that reduces the effort required to type.

Hot Keys that Reduce Stretching for the Mouse

The Ergoapt Dual Combo Keyboard and Keypad features an additional line of function keys.  These functions, in blue print on the key, are activated when the key is pressed in conjunction with the Fn key.

More Information


- Ergoapt Wired/Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

- Ergoapt Wired/Wireless Bluetooth Numeric Keypad

- 150cm Cable to connect the Keyboard to the Computer

- 40cm Cable to connect the Keyboard to the Keypad

Compatible Systems: Windows, IOS, Android

Working Distance: Up to 10m

Working Time: Up to 30 days with a full charge

Charging Time: Full charge approximately 2-4 hours

Dimensions of Keyboard:

- Width: 285mm

- Depth: 120mm

- Front Height: 6-11mm

Dimensions of Numeric Keypad:

- Width: 85mm

- Depth: 120mm

- Front Height: 6-11mm

Colour: Black

Warranty: 1 Year

Watch: Introducing the Ergoapt Dual Combo


1. Charging issues

The Ergoapt Dual Combo should last up to 30 days when fully charged.

The Keyboard will only charge if plugged into a computer that is powered on.  If the Keyboard is plugged into a computer that is switched off or that goes into sleep mode, the Keyboard is not getting charge.

The battery charge level of the Keyboard can be checked by pressing the Fn key and the Alt key on the Keyboard.


The Power indicator light will flash to indicate the current Battery charge level as follows:
Flashes green 4 times = 76% - 100% charge

Flashes green 3 times = 51% - 75% charge

Flashes green 2 times = 26% - 50% charge

Flashes green 1 time = 1% - 25% charge


2. Keycaps have dettached

The Keycaps can be removed and reattached.

If the scissor mechanism (white plastic part) underneath the kepcap is attached to the keyboard correctly, the keycap can be easily reattached.

The instructions on how to do this are as follows:

a) Gently lift the keycap off the keyboard

b) If the keycap is attached to the keyboard correctly, it will look like the below image:

c) On the back of the keycap, there will be a wire that clicks into place down one side as follows:

d) The wire should be able to be lifted up from the end (left side of the wire on the above images) and the wire will pivot where it clicks on the right side.

e) To reattach the keycap to the keyboard, slide the end parts of the wire into the corresponding holes on the keyboard:

f) Once the wire is inserted into the holes, the keycap should click into place.

g) If once the keycap is lifted off the keyboard and the scissory mechanism is not attached to the keyboard correctly, please email us at [email protected] for instructions on how to reattach it.