Fluteline Small Footrest

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Suitable for those who do not frequently use a computer or who have a Small Desk or Desk with limited under-Desk space; Height and Slope Adjustable; 130kg Weight Rating; 5 Year Warranty; Folds Flat for Easy Storage; Manufactured in New Zealand. Free Delivery Australia Wide.

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Designed with a Focus on Quality

Fluteline Footrests are manufactured in New Zealand from top quality materials.  No plastic is used.  Solid aluminium legs combined with hand welded joins and high grade carpet makes these Footrests built to last. 

Reliable Adjustment

A simple screw mechanism made from solid aluminium means that Height Adjustment on all Fluteline Footrests is simple and reliable.  Having all four legs adjustable allows for a greater variety of Height and Tilt combinations compared to Footrests with a limited number of fixed settings.

Why Use a Footrest

Footrests help to relieve weight from your lower back and assist in improving your working posture.  Footrests can also relieve pressure from the thighs, allowing fo better circulation helping to prevent oedema and deep vein thrombosis.

The following are two critical aspects to look for in when selecting a good Footrest:

1. Durability - because pressure is applied on a Footrest all day everyday, the Footrest needs to be sturdy enough to be banged around and pushed on.  For this reason, the materials used to made the Footrest needs to be sturdy and the less plastic involved, the better.

2. Adjustability - because people come in all shapes and sizes, it is important that a Footrest is highly adjustable to suit a users personal preferences.  Ideally the Height and Slope of the Footrest can be adjusted at both the Front and Rear of the Footrest.

Ergo Tips - Footrest

1. A footrest combined with a suitably adjustable chair, will provide the two adjustable surfaces required to create an ergonomically acceptable workstation.

2. An ergonomic footrest will promote good blood circulation, minimize joint and ligament damage and alleviate back strain.

3. It is important that a footrest be easy to operate to enable the user/s to make required adjustments from day to day in a matter of seconds whilst seated.

More Information

Weight Rating: 130kg (Suitable for a person who weighs up to 130kg; the Footrest is not suitable for standing on)

Suitability: for users with Small Desks, Desks with limited under-desk space or for users who do not frequently use a computer

Board Size:

  • Width: 450mm
  • Depth: 260mm

Height and Slope Adjustable on all Four Legs: 60-90mm

Grey Ribbed Commercial Grade Carpet Tiles on Tread Surfaces: Feels great under your feet

Satin Black Powder Coated Steel Frame

Fail-Proof Metal Screw Adjustment System

No Plastic used in Construction 

Packs Flat for Easy Storage

Made in New Zealand

Warranty: 5 Years