Microdesk Regular

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Avoid Twisting and Stretching using this Writing Platform for Keyboard Work on a flat Desktop. Free Delivery Australia Wide.

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Benefits of a MicrodeskThe Microdesk was ergonomically designed to reduce the amount of reaching, twisting and stretching that many people are forced to do when working with paperwork at a computer.

The Microdesk Regular is the original designed Writing Platform suitable for Keyboard work on a standard flat Desktop or Working Surface.  The Microdesk Regular remains the most popular Microdesk model.

When you are stretching and twisting at your desk you can strain your spine, neck and shoulder areas.  Performing simultaneous keyboard and paperwork activities with poor body positions leads to troublesome aches and pains.  The Microdesk is the solution to eliminating such risks.  The Microdesk has improved the working posture of over 100,000 users in more than 12 countries worldwide.

The Microdesk was designed by an Occupational Health Physiotherapist in New Zealand in 1997.

Microdesk Regular with Keyboard















More Information

Dimensions: Microdesk Regular

  • Width: 560mm (22")
  • Depth: 310mm (12")
  • Front Height adjusts from: 75mm - 95mm
  • Rear Height adjusts from: 150mm - 190mm

Paper Ledge Supplied in Two Heights:

  • 20mm (3/4")
  • 8mm (1/4") 

Fully Adjustable Height and Slope: to fit individual needs

Non-Slip Ruler: Line Guide for use with spreadsheets  

Surface: Clear and Transparent

Continuous access to Keyboard as you write

Organizes your Workspace: instantly adds working space to any Desk

Improves Working Posture: Reduces the need to reach, stretch or twist to interact with paperwork increasing comfort while writing at the Keyboard and decreasing muscle strain

Helps to prioritize work and focus on the task in front of you

The perfect place to put your Mobile Phone, Tablet or Calculator while at your Computer

Sturdy and Lightweight

Weight: 1.52kg in Carton

Suitable for Left and Right-Handed users 

Manufactured: New Zealand

Warranty: 1 Year

Microdesk - Endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association