OPC High Rise Footrest

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A Heavy Duty Footrest designed for people who sit at benches, laboratory tables or an elevated desk or work space. Free Delivery Australia Wide.

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The OPC High Rise Footrest is a heavy duty footrest designed for people who sit at benches, laboratory tables or any elevated desk or work space. 


Ergo Tips - Footrest

1. A footrest combined with a suitably adjustable chair, will provide the two adjustable surfaces required to create an ergonomically acceptable workstation.

2. An ergonomic footrest will promote good blood circulation, minimize joint and ligament damage and alleviate back strain.

3. It is important that a footrest be easy to operate to enable the user/s to make required adjustments from day to day in a matter of seconds whilst seated.

More Information

The OPC High Rise Footrest is NOT designed for standing on                                                    

OPC High Rise FootrestDimensions:                                                                                           

  • Foot Plate Depth: 28cm Top Plate (31cm Front Edge to Back Edge)
  • Foot Plate Width: 45.3cm
  • Maximum Plate Height: 36.5cm
  • Side Bracket Depth: 32cm (Rounded top edges)

Height Angle Adjustable Foot Plate

The plate can be angled or flat - it is secured by two bolts on either side of the footrest (Allen key provided)

Non-Slip Foot Platform

Material: Powder Coated Steel Construction

Weight: 7.6kg

Designed and Manufactured in Australia