Oyster Mouse

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Fully Adjustable Ambidextrous Mouse with 5 Different Angles for Medium and Large Size Hands. Free Delivery Australia Wide.

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Fully Adjustable, Ambidextrous, Ergonomic, Five Different Angled SettingsOysterMouse Large Wireless in Use

The OysterMouse helps protect against a range of upper limb conditions such Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

The Ergonomic OysterMouse can be comfortably used by both Left and Right Hands thanks to its unique design. 

The OysterMouse has Five Different Angled Positions to adapt to each individual.

OysterMouse Large Wireless Angles  


More Information

Hand Size: Suitable for Medium/Large Size Right and Left HandsOysterMouse Angles


  • Width: 91mm/100m
  • Height when Closed: 53mm/55mm
  • Height at 20° Angle: 65mm/67mm
  • Height at 70° Angle: 91mm/95mm
  • Length: 97mm/105mm

Five Click Buttons: Programmable with common Shortcut Keys                                                     

Scroll Wheel

Repositionable in Five Angles: 20, 30, 40, 60 and 70° Left and Right

Ambidextrous Switch: Change Hand Configuations with the Switch located on the bottom on the unit

Connection: 1.5m Cable

Optical Monitor Sensor

Pointer Speed: 1200 DPI

Compatibility: PC and Mac

Operating Systems: 

  • Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000/ME/98 or newer
  • Mac OS 8.6 or newer, OS 9, OS X or newer
  • Linus Kernel 2.4 or newer with USB Support or newer

Plug & Play: No extra Software or Driver Installation Required

Colour: Black

Warranty: 1 Year  

Trouble Shooting:

The OysterMouse Wireless goes to "sleep" if it has been inactive to conserve the battery but it "wakes up" when it is moved and clicked.

Make sure the OysterMouse is fully charge before use.

If there is a problem with an OysterMouse that has been fully charged, it could be a connectivity issue.

Firstly, to ensure the mouse operates correctly, the USB receiver needs to be plugged directly into the computer, not a USB hub or other USB accessory such as a keyboard. 

Make sure that the mouse is switched on, the on/off switch can be accessed when opening the mouse up to an angle. 

Confirm that the mouse has charge, or plug in the mouse to charge while installing. 

  • When the mouse is not plugged in and has charge, there will be no lights on the top
  • When the mouse is fully charged and plugged in, the light on the top of the mouse will turn green
  • When the mouse is charging and plugged in, the light on the top of the mouse will be red
  • When the mouse is not plugged in and is running low on battery the light on top will begin flashing red

As the OysterMouse uses generic Plug & Play drivers, sometimes if these drivers have previously been used by another mouse on the computer they don’t recognise the new mouse.

  • If you are using Windows 7 or later, you will be able to check this through the Device Manager then selecting Mice and other pointing devices
  • All the mice that the computer is registering will be listed below, if you remove the USB receiver the list should refresh to indicate that a mouse has been removed
  • If the list does not update the computer is not recognising the driver.  Plug the USB receiver back in.
  • By right clicking on the items listed (HID-compliant mouse) there will be an option to select Scan for Hardware changes – if the driver was searching for another device, this may rectify the issue
  • If this doesn’t resolve the issue, right click on the items listed and select Uninstall device all the mice that are using a generic driver (HID-compliant mouse).  This will remove the devices from the list.
  • Next remove the USB receiver for the OysterMouse and then plug back in.  The computer should then search for the driver and download it automatically.
  • Unplugging and plugging back in any mice you use on the computer will reinstall the generic drivers once they have been removed from the list