Secure Cord (5m, Yellow)

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Minimise the risk of trip hazards and easily conceal loose cords with the amazingly versatile thin cable management for loop carpets. Free Delivery Australia Wide.

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Cable Management for Loop Carpets - Prevent Trip Hazards - Conceal Loose CordsSecure Cord

Secure Cord presents the world's most efficient way to manage loose cables on carpet to reduce the risk of trips in the workplace or easily tidy up unsightly cords along walls and doorways.

Secure Cord is a thin nylon cover that provides an easy, sleek and stylish way to cover cables.  It is designed for covering cable runs in the studio, meeting rooms, office or any area where the risk of trips or falls must be minimised.  

Secure Cord's clever design makes it the lowest profile cord of its type and its 'cut-to-length' flexibility means no job is too big or small.  The cable cover can be cut to the desired size or multiple rolls can be joined together for extra long runs.

Secure CordSimply place the Secure Cord over the cables and the velcro on the underside secures the cover to the carpet.  The slight void in the middle of the cover allows cables to be placed and configured as required.  

The cable cover can be re-used over 1000 times, is machine washable, easily attachable, removable and re-positioned. 

Easy to Use

Measure - Cut - Secure

First: Pull enough Secure Cord from the dispenser carton to cover the length of your cables

Then: Cut Secure Cord with scissors

Finally: Lay Secure Cord over your cords and run your hands along the edges to fix in place

The hooks on the underside of Secure Cord grip the carpet to secure in place.  The void along the middle of Secure Cord allows enough room for 3-4 cords, depending on thickness.

More Information

For use on any Loop CarpetYellow Secure Cord on Loop Carpet

Ideal for use in:

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Stages
  • Trade Shows
  • Government BuildingsSecure Cord ideal for Corridors and Corners
  • Church Halls
  • Hospitals
  • Homes
  • Anywhere where Cables and Carpet meet

Dimensions:                                                                        Secure Cord

  • Width: 100mm
  • Length: 5m/16.5ft

Lowest Profile Available: thinnest cord of its type

Cut-to-Length Flexibility: can be cut to any length desired


Re-usable: over 1000 times

Washable: can be machine washed

Material: Tough 100% Nylon Cover

Supplied in Handy Dispenser Carton

Colour: Yellow (Highlights cords)