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Anti-Fatigue Mat which encourages movement when standing, designed for people with a height taller than 165cm (5'4") who work at Sit-to-Stand Desks and have ample space under the Desk. Free Delivery Australia Wide.

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Standing is Only Healthier than Sitting if Done Right

Sitting causes lower metabolism and blood pooling in calves causing swelling, poor circulation and increased risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis.  Movement is the body's antidote.  The Topo's calculated terrain drives you to move more and stand healthier.

Optimal Human Standing Surface

The Topo Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat is a meticulously designed mat designed for your body - its health, happiness and productivity.  

The objective of Topo is to unlock the true benefits of using a standing desk by making standing dynamic and keeping users moving and healthy.  We know humans were not meant to sit all day, but standing on flat ground is not a natural position either.  Static standing leads to postural fatigue, which forces people into unhealthy positions.  The calculated terrain features of Topo, in conjunction with the cushioning and supportive material, ensure more postures, positions and healthy movement.  

Designed to be used with Sit-to-Stand Desks

The inspiration for Topo came from the movements our bodies perform negotiating the varied terrains we encounter when we are active away from our desks.  These movements engage and activate our muscles and improve circulation; benefits that are lacking from static standing.  The team at Topo wanted to mimic the topography that keeps us active and position it where we stand.  After researching, collaborating with biomechanics experts and extensive testing, Topo was created.

Topo unlocks the true benefits of standing desks driving you to move more at your standing desk - subconsciously.  With no setup or learning, you just step on and you are already standing better.  You will feel energized after standing as more movement while standing creates a healthier you.

The Topo Drives Healthy Dynamic Standing

The Topo design has seven calculated terrain features that optimally support the body while standing and stimulate healthy movement.  The terrain has been specially designed to engage the blood pumping mechanism of the calves.  Moving around on these terrains in a combination of stances, articulates joints and activates muscles.  These movements energise, improve circulation and make standing healthier.

Easy Hands-Free Positioning

Conventional Anti-Fatigue mats which have been designed to be stood on and not moved require the user to bend down and reach under the desk to move them.  The Topo does not have an anti-slip base allowing it to be easily repositioned in front of or underneath the desk with one foot without any need to bend or reach down.  This makes transitioning from sitting to standing and back even easier.

Feel the Premium Material Difference

The Topo is made of environmentally-conscious polyurethane and engineered for just the right cushioning and support.  It is 100% Polyurethane with no PVC, Latex or Plasticizers (like phthalates) so it is safe for bare feet.  The highly durable and comfortable foam has a durable skin that easily wipes clean and resists punctures.  The skin is pebbled for a cool, airy feel no matter your footwear.  

Supporting Information:

More Information

The 7 Terrains of the TopoSeven Calculation Terrains:

  • Front Rail
  • Strong Front Corners
  • Tear Drop
  • Raise Side Rail
  • Crowned Neutral Area
  • Back Ramp
  • Calf Raise Shelf

Material: 100% Polyurethane (No PVC, Latex or Plasticizers e.g. phthalates) 

Not anti-bacterial or anti-microbial

The Topo DimensionsDimensions:                                            

  • Width: 736mm
  • Depth: 673mm
  • Height: 68mm (At highest point)

No setup or learning

Easy hands-free position lets you slide the mat on various floor surfaces with just one foot


Colour: Black

Warranty: 1 Year