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A powerful air purification system that captures 99.7% of allergens and airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 microns in size. Suitable for spaces up to 50m2. Free Delivery Australia Wide.

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Introducing the AMBREEZE Air Purification System

Experience a healthier breathing environment with the Ambreeze Air Purification System.  A powerful four-stage air purifier for spaces up to 50m2, capturing 99.97% of microns as small as 0.3microns.

Four Effective Stages of Air Purification

  1. Pre-filter: traps bigger particles such as human and pet hairs, and helps to extend the life of the HEPA and Activated Carbon filters.
  2. True HEPA H13 filter with anti-bacterial coating: the high-performance composite HEPA filter captures 99.97% of allergens and airborne contaminants such as dust, mould spores, pollen, plant spores, and pet dander down to 0.3 microns in size.
  3. Activiated carbon filter: removes household odours and filters volatile organic compounds (VOCSs) such as cleaning products, drying paint, and some gasses from cigarette smoke.
  4. UV-C light: destroys germs, some bacteria and fungi, such as mould toxins.

Efficient and thorough cleaning performance - Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of approximately 8 cubic metres per minute to clean rooms up to 50m2.

Convenient Operation

  • Soft Touch Panel - It is simple and easy to navigate the soft touch panel with LED display on the unit.  Or, you can control the unit through Wi-Fi connectivity to the TuyaSmart application on your smart device which works as a remote control, and is convenient to use when you are at home or away to:
    • Adjust the settings
    • Monitor the status of the filters
    • Check your room's air quality
  • Filter Change Indicator - The Filter Change Indicator allows for timely maintenance and replacement of filters to ensuire optimal air purification all year round.
  • Child Lock Feature - The Child Lock Feature helps to ensuire air purification is not interrupted by little hands, so it can be placed in any room of the house safely.

Different Modes for Different Conditions

  • Automatic Air Quality Indicator - The Automatic Air Quality Indicator makes it easy to adjust purification settings to enhance cleaning ability.  Alternatively, Auto Mode continually scans the air quality and adjusts functions to best purify the air.
  • 4 Fan Speed Settings - The 4 Fan Speed Settings are based on indoor air quality.
  • Timer - The Timer can be set from 1 to 12 hours.  The Timer includes a dimly lit sleep mode.

The Importance of Air Quality

Indoor pollution has a negative impact on lung health.  On average, we breathe in 11,000 litres of air per day, and are heart and lungs have to work hard to "purify" the air that we breathe in.  The Ambreeze used indoors aids in alleviating pressure on the body.


Alternative Spellings: am-breeze, am breeze, anbreeze, an-breeze, an breeze, andbreeze, and breeze, and-breeze, and breath

More Information

Four Effective Stages of Air Purification Including Trapping, Removing, and Destroying


  • Width: 23.8cm
  • Length: 44.5cm
  • Height: 68cm

Weight: 8.34kg

Colour: White Gloss

Manufacturer: Amway

Warranty: 1 Year (if the unit is irrepairable, a replacement unit will be provided)

Watch a Video on the Ambreeze


Fully assembled out of the box.

Ergo Tip:

Just like an ergonomic computer workstation requires several components, such as:

  1. adjustable chair
  2. sit-to-stand desk
  3. mouse
  4. keyboard
  5. height and pivot adjustable monitor screen/s

a room or workspace requires several components and activities to maintain good air quality, such as

  1. vacuum cleaner - vacuuming surfaces
  2. mop - mopping surfaces
  3. carpet/upholstering cleaner - to clean carpet and upholstery
  4. cleaning agents and equipment - for the complete clean
  5. air filtration system - for clean air, and to reduce the amount of time required to maintain the above activities

Regular vacuuming acts as an immediate and localised suction that will remove dust, lint, hair, dander, dirt, sand and various particles that have settled into surfaces.  Regular cleaning of surfaces is also required to remove particles that have settled into surfaces due to moisture, that a vacuum cleaner or air filtration system will not be able to remove.  The more foot traffic and pets in the area, the more upkeep that will be required.  The Ambreeze will reduce the duration and regularity of cleaning required.


If troubleshooting is ineffective, please contact us or email us at [email protected] with the results of the troubleshooting.