Az-Teq (Medium Back, Large G2 Seat)

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Popular workplace seating solution with adjustable seat height, tilt and back angle, Gel-TeqTM Seating Technology and a 150kg Weight Rating. Free Delivery Fully Assembled to Brisbane Areas.

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If available, Chair Trials are provided upon workplace assessment from a Work, Health & Safety Advisor/Occupational Therapist. Chair Trials are provided Brand New. Freight charges may be applicable.

From the Posture Balance Range of Ergonomic Chairs comes the Az-Teq Task Chair with a Medium Back and Large Flat Gel-TeqTM G2 Seat.


Alternative Spellings: az-tec, aztec, as-tec, astec, az-teck, azteck, az-tek, aztek, as-teck, asteck, as-tek, astek, az-tech, aztech, astech, as-tech

More Information

Maximum Weight Rating: 150kg

Flat Gel-Teq G2 Seat

3-Lever Ergo Mechanism with Adjustable Seat Height, Seat Tilt and Back Angle

Medium Back:

  • Width: 430mm
  • Height: 380mm
  • Height Range: 440-500mm

Large Flat Gel-TeqTM G2 Seat:

  • Depth: 480mm
  • Width: 520mm
  • Height Range: 480-610mm
  • The Gel-TeqTM cushion has been designed and developed in Australia and has rapidly become the leading advancement in seat technologies.  It is an all-new chemical compound that is neither Memory Foam, nor Visco-Elastic Foam.  The aim was to create a seat which offered 100% contact with the shape of the user, and which would readjust each time that user shifted in their chair.  It is always our philosophy to provide fully dynamic seating designs, and the target was to create a cushion which would be as flexible in its movement as the rest of the chair.  Working closely with design engineers and industrial chemists to create the concept, market trials were undertaken in late 2012 to gain feedback from a wide range of different users in many different working conditions.  These trials took place in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide and Perth.  Clients were asked to trial the new Gel-TeqTM cushion in comparison to two other styles of seat and we received an overwhelming response in favour of the new style.  This unique hybrid foam combines the properties of Visco-Elastic Foam and Gel to create a seat which moulds itself to the precise shape of the user and cradles the pelvis to assist them in maintaining optimum seating posture for extended periods.  A good office chair should not just be comfortable when sat on for the first few minutes; it should continue to be comfortable for the entire day.  That is the difference between a Soft Foam and Supportive Foam.  Furthermore, the chair should be designed to aid the user to maintain a posture which will assist in the prevention of any new back-related injury from occurring.  Gel-TeqTM responds to the movements of the user and as they do move throughout their working environment, immediately the Foam re-calibrates itself to the new posture.  By maintaining a correct posture throughout the day, not only is the risk of injury minimised, blood circulation is maximised resulting in increased productivity.  Many chair manufacturers combine different types and/or grades of Foams and make claims as to the healthcare benefits of having done so.  Gel-TeqTM is an all-new hybrid platform that creates one balanced technology. 

Gas Lift: 140mm

5-Star Black Nylon Base

Fabric: PB Black (EWP House Black Fabric) - 100% Polyester. (For customized upholstery, please choose Fabric/s from or  Additional charges apply for customized Fabric.  Please allow 4-6 Weeks for Manufacture and Delivery.  A small variation of the final seat size may occur depending on the upholstery chosen.)

AFRDI Level 6 Certified

Warranty: 7 Years (Standard Use - 8 hour usage per day, 5 days per week); 3 Year Warranty (24/7 Usage) 

During this period, the Chair's manufacturer, Posture Balance will undertake to complete all warranty repairs at no charge, and on a prompt basis.

Please note, any repair that has been caused by anything other than acceptable wear and tear, will not be deemed as a warranty issue – and we will therefore provide you with a quotation for any required works, prior to the commencement of those repairs.

We ask that you stop using the product immediately. Damage that occurs as a result of continued use of a faulty product will not be covered under warranty.