Chair Health Check (CHC)

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EWP's Chair Health Check is an assessment and inspection service conducted in the workspace environment on an office chair.  Contact us for a Quote to provide a Chair Health Check on all of your office chairs to make sure they are safe and ergonomically suitable for your staff.

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Does your organisation require a Chair Health Check?

Are your office chairs safe to use by yourself or your employees?

EWP's certified chair assessors can attend your worksite to inspect and service your office chairs.

EWP's Chair Health Checks have been utilised by many organisations with thousands of chairs assessed, repaired and replaced.

The goal of the Chair Health Check is to make sure each and every chair in your office environment is inspected, serviced and, most importantly, safe to use.

A report and full technical inspection of each chair is provided, with minor repairs conducted onsite.  Any chair that is deemed unfit for use will be red taped.


- Duty of care to your employees for a safe working environment

- Ensures employees are utilising chairs that are in good working condition and that are ergonomically suitable for their use

- An increase in employee comfort and productivity

- Ensures chairs are compliant with Work, Health and Safety guidelines

Contact us with your questions or for a Quote. 


Alternative Spellings: chair disposal, recycling program, chair assessment, chair safety check, chair removal

More Information

A Comprehensive Report is provided for each chair assessed identifying:

- serviceable lifetime remaining 

- repairs required

- repairs completed

- if the chair is ergonomically unsuitable for its user

- if replacement is required

Immediate Servicing of Chairs with minor issues:

- tightening of screws

- replacement of broken or missing screws, if parts are on hand

- lubrication and elimination of creaks and noises, where possible

- replacement of faulty gas lifts, castor wheels and armrests (if parts are on hand.  These components are an additional cost)

- dust and wipe down of main hard surfaces (levers, base and armrests) where necessary