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The new and improved Handshoe Mouse Shift Large. Fits like a glove. Ergonomic, Ambidextrous, Dual Connection (Wired or Wireless via Bluetooth) Mouse. Free Delivery Australia Wide.

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The Shift is an Ergonomic, Ambidextrous and Dual Connection Mouse

The team from Handshoe Mouse have invested in extensive testing and field research in order to create a new and improved version of the Handshoe Mouse, the Handshoe Mouse Shift.

The newly designed Handshoe Mouse Shift supports the hand and fingers in an ergonomic and relaxed position via a revised design of the body and thumb support.

The Handshoe Mouse Shoft mouse is available in three sizes, all are ambidextrous and offer dual connection options.  These additional features in the Handshoe Mouse Shift broaden the appeal and suitability to a wider range of users.

The HandShoe Mouse fits like a glove or, as some people say, "feels like a saddle for the hand".  The ergonomic mouse provides relief and prevents upper extremity complaints.

The Dutch word "Handshoe" translates to "glove" in English, which is the concept that the HandShoe Mouse has designed to deliver - to fit the hand like a glove.

At Erasmus University Medical Center, in the Netherlands, research showed the computer mouse is a source of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and certain types of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

The HandShoe Mouse has been designed to reduce gripping, pinching and hovering of the fingers above the buttons, which are the actions that contribute to RSI and CTS.

Patented Design

The shape of the traditional computer mouse forces users hands and fingers into an unnatural position and stresses the forearm.

The unique shape of the HandShoe Mouse allows for users hands to rest without any effort and delivers full support for the hand and fingers, while relaxing the forearm.

The design of the HandShoe Mouse also reduces the effort required by the fingers to use the mouse buttons, which minimises strain from the fingers up to the neck.

Ambidextrous Design Encourages Usage Between Both Hands

The Handshoe Mouse Shift features a unique contoured design that accommodates ambidextrous use. 

The revised design provides additional comfort by extending the supporting area for hand, palm, fingers and thumb allowing for the hand and wrist to be ergonomically positioned for both left and right-hand usage.

The ambidextrous Shift can be easily switched from left to right orientation.  Hand and button orientation can be changed via switches on the base of the mouse.  The freedom to readily shift between right and left usage encourages work load sharing between both hands to perform clicking, scrolling and mouse movement, reducing the wear and tear that would usually be focused on a single hand and arm.

The Shift Ergonomic Design

The updated design of the body of the Shift provides enhanced comfort for fingers and thumb, more space is provided on the body of the Shift while the thumb rests in the same plane as the fingers.

The enhanced design has improved thumb support, which reduces gripping and pinching.  These design improvements increase comfort and reduce straining in the wrist and fingers.

Reduces Hand and Arm Fatigue

The revised design of the Handshoe Mouse Shift Ambidextrous Mouse has naturally supportive contours that permit the hand and fingers to completely relax when moving the cursor and clicking, or when the hand is resting on the mouse.

The carefully calculated shape, size and angle design delivers a relaxed and neutral position when the mouse is being actively used, reducing tension and strain in the wrists and fingers, which are a common result of mousing with a traditional mouse.

Wider Appeal

The Shift ambidextrous mouse is available in three sizes to accommodate a wide range of hand sizes and users.  Each size has dual connection connectivity.  The Shift ambidextrous mouse can be used as a wired device via the included cable, or as a wireless device via Bluetooth. connection.  A computer/device wtih Bluetooth capabilities is required to connect via Bluetooth.  The Shift has an internal rechargeable battery.

Different Sizes for Different Hands

The 3 Sizes of the Handshoe Mouse

The HandShoe Mouse comes in three different sizes: Small, Medium and Large.  To maximise the advantages of the Handshoe Mouse Shift Ambidextrous Mouse and to ensure comfort, a correct fit is essential.

This is the difference between "one size fits all" and "an ergonomic mouse that fully supports your hand".

All of these features have been designed to allow the user to relax their movements and reduce Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

Supporting Information: 

Handshoe Mouse Shift Intro

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



Video Blog 

More Information

Hand Size: Small, Medium, or Large Ambidextrous users.  Can be used by the left or right-hand.  Switching between hands is easy.

  • Small Size  - for a correct fit, measure the hand from the wrist crease to the tip of the ring finger.  If the tip of the ring finger measures 170mm or under, then the Small HandShoe Mouse Shift is the correct size.
  • Medium Size - for a correct fit, measure the hand from the wrist crease to the tip of the ring finger.  If the tip of the ring finger measures 170-190mm, then the Medium HandShoe Mouse Shift is the correct size.
  • Large Size - for a correct fit, measure the hand from the wrist crease to the tip of the ring finger.  If the tip of the ring finger measures 190mm - 210mm, then the Large HandShoe Mouse Shift is the correct size.


  • Small - 127mm Width, 146mm Depth, 162 grams
  • Medium - 133mm Width, 165mm Depth, 200 grams
  • Large - 146mm Width, 181mm Depth, 256 grams

Interface: Dual Connections

  • Wireless via Bluetooth (Computer/Device with Bluetooth capabilites required)
  • Wired via Cable (included)

Improved Ergonomic Shape and Enhanced Thumb Joint Support

Internal Rechargeable Battery


  • Left Click
  • Right Click

Scroll Wheel

  • Clickable for Middle Click

Optical Resolution: 1000 DPI

Bluetooth Range:

  • 10m


  • Windows
  • Mac

Colour: Black

Warranty: 1 Year